New Goals

Well, I haven’t given a recent update. And to be honest, I haven’t been running much lately either. There are a couple reasons for this, or you could call them excuses. First, I’ve been a lot busier than usual because my Mom came for a visit, (So fun! Love you Mom!) and I’ve had extra school work to do. Second, I’ve been discouraged because our financial situation is getting restricting and I didn’t know if I could justify spending the money to buy all the running materials and pay for the races! Well, the first reason has passed, but the second reason is persisting. However, I have decided to continue with my running.

I don’t need an organized race to prove to myself that I can run a certain distance! And I don’t need fancy clothes and shoes to get out there and improve every time! It doesn’t have to cost money to run! I mean, for goodness sakes, all you really need is your body, and that’s sort of stuck to you no matter what. You could even run barefoot if you wanted to but I would recommend watching out for sharp rocks, broken glass, and bumpy sidewalks (a stubbed toe could really kill your momentum)! You could also run naked, but if you choose to do that I kindly suggest that you go somewhere no one will ever see you, such as on a treadmill inside your house with all the windows covered.

So, I’m going to lace up my not-fancy sneakers again and get back out there! My old goal was to run a 5k race this month in 30 minutes or less. My new goal is just slightly changed: By the end of August I will run 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) in 30 minutes or less. By myself. On the sidewalk. Crosswalks and all.

I still have a lot of improving to do before I meet this goal. I am currently doing 2 miles in about 33 minutes but I’m not running as often as I should and I’m not pushing myself very hard. I hope I can do it… I know I can do it!

Days to Marathon: 309

How is your running going? Have you set any new goals for yourself lately?


Day One

I’m going to run a marathon. No really, I am. Don’t believe me? You have every right to be skeptical, after all, I’ve never run any significant distance in my life! My workouts of choice (if any) are usually some form of dance, and any time I ever hear the word “running” directed at me it’s usually followed by a groan and “I hate running!” I am certainly not an athlete, I have never really wanted to be an athlete, and I don’t look like an athlete. So why would I suddenly decide to run a marathon? Am I crazy?


This is me, just a normal jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.

My desire to run a marathon started after reading this blog post (it’s a fabulous blog by the way, I suggest every woman follow it closely). After reading I thought about how a journey to such a goal could be so empowering. I thought about how my life lately had been sort of stagnant, with very few major goals that were very important to me. I also knew I needed to increase my activity level to be healthy. I wanted to challenge myself and accomplish something amazing and feel that high you get when you know you’re doing something you never thought you could do. So, why not run a marathon?

Now before I go on I just want to clarify – this challenge is not a diet or weight loss program. I believe that health has very little to do with a number on a scale or the tag of your jeans/dress. This challenge is to discover how amazing my body is and how much I am capable of accomplishing. This challenge is to empower me to have more confidence, joy, and health in my life.


On June 8th 2013, complete the Utah Valley Marathon

  • Steps toward my goal:
    • Train at least 3x a week
    • Complete a 5k race
    • Complete a 10k race
    • Complete a half marathon

My pledge to my readers

  • I pledge to give frequent updates on my progress toward my goal.
  • I pledge to be completely honest about my experience, including all physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges I face.
  • I pledge never to make this about getting skinny, losing weight, or shedding inches but to focus on overall physical, spiritual, and emotional health.
  • I pledge to do my best to make this blog fun and easy to read!
  • I pledge to do my best to empower my readers to discover their own power and capabilities. You are amazing!

Thanks for reading! Now share this blog on facebook, twitter, pinterest, whatever! Because let’s be honest, I’d like to make a buck or two off this blog to pay for my races!

Days to Marathon: 333