Love Your Body

This post is not about my training. However, this topic has been in my mind and heart for some time now and now I need to put it into words and share it.

Dear Women Who Are Unsatisfied With Your Bodies,

My heart aches for you. I know what it is like to feel ashamed of your body, to feel ugly or disgusting or undesirable. I know what it’s like to go out and constantly be tugging on your clothes or placing your arms just-so to hide any imperfections. I know what it’s like to want so badly to change your body that you wish you could afford to get cosmetic surgery. I’ve even gone so far to imagine what it would be like to cut the extra fat off my body with scissors or a knife. These types of thoughts and feelings are the unfortunate reality for so many women.

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We tend to get caught up in trying to change our bodies. we are constantly preoccupied with losing a certain number of pounds or inches, fitting into a certain size clothing, or tone this, shrink that, and make-up the other. The beauty industry tells us that these things will make us happy and we will love our bodies. However, after much thought and study of the topic I am convinced that none of these things will make us truly happy or satisfied with our bodies. There will always be something else we want to change.

I declare to you that the changes that will make us truly satisfied and happy with our bodies are not the changes we make to our outward appearance, but rather the changes that occur within our hearts and minds.

We must remember what a blessing it is to have a body and how much it enables us to do. We are created by God. We are his daughters and we are his crowning creation! Our bodies are the medium through which we see, touch, taste, hear and smell. They allow us to feel happiness and sorrow, pain and pleasure, joy and suffering, anger and love. They enable us to laugh, run, dance, sleep, learn, make music, and bear children. All of these things are astoundingly miraculous! If we can remember and embrace the enabling power derived from our bodies we can begin to appreciate our bodies; and, if nurtured, that appreciation will eventually grow into a love for our bodies.

When I had my natural birth I felt that empowering appreciation for my body and mind and everything I am capable of. However, it was only a few days after the birth that I lost sight of that and started to worry about losing the baby weight and “getting my body back”. My desire to run a marathon is derived from my desire to recapture that amazing feeling and embrace all that my body is capable of so that I can learn to love my body. I encourage all women to do whatever they can to embrace to power of their bodies. If we can do this, we will be a force so great and powerful that we will change the world! It is my prayer that this message can make a difference for at least a few precious women.




One thought on “Love Your Body

  1. Melodie,
    I love your little blog, and this post is great! There is nothing sad-der than a beautiful woman that doesn’t love her body. We were created in God’s image, and he designed us to be exactly who we are! It’s up to us to treat our bodies as the temple that he purposed us to be by eating healthy, working out and leading balanced lives.
    Anyways, that was my little rant 🙂 Enjoyed your post, keep up the great writing!

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