One Week Down

Well I’ve finished week one and so far I am very pleased with my progress.

An interesting fact: This week I bought some pepper spray.

My husband and I happened to be at the mall Friday night and we passed by Sports Authority and they were having their clearance event so we decided to go in. I knew the store sold pepper spray so I thought I’d see if they had any on clearance. They didn’t, but I bought some anyway. You can also get it at Walmart and other online stores. has a great deal right now on mace. It’s almost exactly the same as what I bought at the store except it’s pink instead of red. I paid $13 for mine and on Amazon it’s only $5.05 (originally $18.95)! I definitely wish I would have shopped around a little more before buying it! Click the link below to buy it.

When shopping for pepper spray, It’s hard to know what will be the most effective kind of pepper spray to buy and what will be easiest to use. It’s not like you can test them out in the store! I found this video comparing several different kinds of pepper spray. It’s kind of long, but worth the watch before buying something.

I definitely feel much safer running with my pepper spray, especially when I run after dark. I actually hold it in my hand while running so that if there ever is an emergency it’s ready to go and I don’t have to fumble around in my pocket for anything. Remember to be safe while running!

Days to Marathon: 321


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