Ground Zero

Before I start describing my workouts I want to illustrate just where I am starting from. I want to send the message to me readers that anyone can do it! If you can understand exactly how far I am from my goal maybe you will believe me when I reach it!

My family background doesn’t have much history of running so I’m not exactly predisposed to the skill. No one in my immediate family has ever run an organized race and the only type of exercise we did as a family was hiking. Growing up we kept active in our own ways, for the girls it was dance and marching band. For my brother it was skateboarding. My Dad did jog regularly for a while but it was usually by himself early in the morning so we never saw it. I played tennis for a year in school but I was very bad at it and haven’t played for over 8 years. I am also pretty short (About 5′ 2″) so my little legs don’t carry me very far when I run.

I would say that I have never run a day in my life, except that’s not exactly true. However, I can probably count the number of times I have run in the past 2 years on one hand. (One of them was when I was pregnant and a few days before my due date. We were getting impatient and wanted to naturally induce labor so my husband had me chase him a short distance on our way home from a church activity – and it worked! Haha!) The few times I do run I start breathing very heavily after only a short distance and I get painful stitches in my side. No wonder I hate running. The most exercise I have gotten in the past year is a few months of aerobics once a week and that ended 4 months ago.

On a scale from persistent-vegetative-state to competitive-marathon-runner, I am probably a couch-potato.


couch potato

I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m starting at ground zero.

Days to Marathon: 332


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